“Success is a team sport” Simon Sinek

The DölbergLumenrock Group is an international financial advisory business, offering; accounting, wealth and fiduciary services. Dölberg Group was founded in 1999, Lumenrock in 2003 with the combined DölbergLumenrock established in 2017. It is interesting to note that, the oldest accounting office, that is currently within the Group, was already established 1914 in Oudtshoorn, South Africa.  Creating more than a decade of history.

DölbergLumenrock has a focus on People. Passion. Purpose.


As a service business, our world, is a world of relationships. Our staff, clients, stakeholders, we all fit together to make it work – it is simple; we care about our relationships – therefore it works.


We understand our role, be it the numbers we are processing, the wealth opportunities we are considering or the family assets we are administering. When we work, we see people, and that makes our enthusiasm to service our clients, real.


Our passion is people and people require assistance with their wealth. We at DölbergLumenrock, understand that our role and responsibility centres around the wealth of our clients. Our reason for existence is therefore, to be a safe solution, for the wealth requirements of our clients.

Our aim, is to build DölbergLumenrock, into a well-respected and diversified organisation that are respected for creating value.


DölbergLumenrock is a respected and diversified international group, with an emphasis on three core principles, to ensure sustainable growth. These principles include a passion for the ongoing wealth creation for DölbergLumenrock, its employees and its clients; building our business units around the unique purpose and value proposition for each division within the Group; and always acting with responsibility in how we deal with investors, opportunities, our people and our environment.


Marcus Cicero stated that magnificence – ‘greatness of spirit’ is ‘the thinking about and executing of great and lofty things with a certain large and splendid determination of spirit.’ Our commitment to too protect the wealth of our clients can only be achieved through partnerships with other businesses sharing our determination. We have a clear understanding that the intentions of Ubuntu are the cornerstone of success on our continent.


DölbergLumenrock Group provides three core services. Firstly, we provide accounting services, transforming the businesses of our clients. Secondly, we provide support to our clients in terms of wealth advisory, be it insurance, investments or assistance on their personal planning. Finally, our family advisory services assist to structure and administer the affairs and the family capital in its various forms, within a family corporate governance framework.