About Us

The DölbergLumenrock Group is an international financial advisory business, offering:

  • accounting services: with the focus on transforming the businesses of our clients;
  • wealth consulting: DölbergLumenrock ensures that the money you make is well invested, and you and your assets are effectively insured – making your legacy safe for your family;
  • fiduciary services: administering your trusts, companies and family constitution to ensure generational longevity, for you and your family.

Our vision is to be respected for creating value. DölbergLumenrock has been creating value for more than a decade. The oldest accounting office, that is currently within the Group, was already established 1914 in Oudtshoorn, South Africa. Dölberg Group was founded in 1999, Lumenrock in 2003 with the combined DölbergLumenrock established in 2017.

We at DölbergLumenrock, understand that our role and responsibility, centres around the wealth of our clients. Our reason for existence is therefore, to be a complete solution for the wealth requirements, of our clients.

Great things in business are never done by one person.
They’re done by a team of people. 
– Steve Jobs

Our Philosophy

The DölbergLumenrock Group is an international financial advisory business, offering; accounting, wealth and fiduciary services. We are an international financial services group with a diversified product range, providing services from Botswana, Mauritius and South Africa. Our business story started in 1914, with an accounting office in Oudtshoorn. Lumenrock started building accounting firms since 2003.

Dölberg, have been founded by the direct descendant of the Dölberg family and after 850 years of recorded history, the Dölberg family name and its legacy are still thriving.

As a professional services Group we understand that each business or trust is part of the wealth of an individual or a family. There are always people involved, there are always family involved.

DölbergLumenrock is committed to providing a valuable service, addressing the challenges of wealth preservation and management. Wealth is always linked to our accounting records, the administration of our structures and family constitutions and maximizing our assets, investments or insurance. Our approach is to constantly assist our clients by improving our level of service to ultimately achieve our goal: living excellence, respected for creating value.

The DölbergLumenrock Group has a very entrepreneurial focused and dynamic culture. The combining of two well respected groups gives DölbergLumenrock the entrepreneurial edge that makes us stand out from our competitors. The combined experience of all the founders and staff ensures continuous success in business. DölbergLumenrock is well established in South Africa and respected for its contribution to building globally recognized solutions locally.

“He who knows that he has enough is rich.” – African Proverb

Our Positioning

Our understanding of the dynamics of a family business ensures that we have specialist knowledge of medium size enterprises, serving the customer. We are well-positioned for the African market through:

  • understanding and contributing to Africa, with knowledge gained over the years from our own experience within the DölbergLumenrock Group;
  • accounting, management and administration of the family capital of clients;
  • focusing on small to medium size enterprises with turnover between US$ 100 000 to US$ 20 million, often with family ownership;
  • aligning with other reputable financial institutions in Africa to provide robust solutions;
  • managing and expanding our network of quality brands that we represent; and
  • ensuring stability to our family clients by supporting them with appropriate structures and leadership solutions.

This has enabled DölbergLumenrock to carve out its own niche in the African market, ensuring our clients will be served with the wealth solutions that fit their long-term aspirations.