Lumenrock has been, due to its unique culture, recognized as one of the one of the most innovative accounting firms globally. The oldest office that is currently within Lumenrock, was established 1914, in the Western Cape, South Africa.

Lumenrock was initiated in 2003, where we have started from a farm in Vrede, South Africa, to grow a geographical well-established footprint, offering a variety of accounting and related services, from our multiple offices. We are committed to continue growing our footprint in Africa. We are known for our expertise and leadership, we pride ourselves in providing on-going and dedicated training and empowerment of our staff.

It is one of Lumenrock’s core values to keep abreast of the latest development and submit to our Compliance and Advisory Board, that ensures we remain foremost, on our offering.


Dölberg Fiduciary provides as a core service trust administration. We furthermore provide family advisory and administration services to structure the affairs and more specifically the family capital in its various forms, within a family corporate governance framework. We will, among others analyse the current family corporate governance and record the vision, values and culture of the family applying the Family Leadership Model©.

We manage the implementation of fiduciary structures such as trust, companies and family constitutions and assist clients with the ongoing administration and implementation.

Families are an ageless reminder that each generation is linked to the past, woven into a larger historical setting.


Dölberg Consult, an authorised Financial Services Provider FSP 43121, is a solution, distribution and insurance house with a passion for wealth management through the financial environment. We earn the trust of our clients through the integrity of our brand, our ethical business practice and the family values that we live.

Dölberg Consult is successful solution and distribution house, licenced and regulated by the Financial Services Board in South Africa. We offer a range of investment solutions through regulated instruments such as Collective Investment Schemes and private client portfolios. We support our wealth solutions with various insurance products.

Through DSFin Services (Pty) Ltd, an authorised Financial Service Provider FSP 40132, with a Category 2 licence, we provide a comprehensive investment solution with in-house fund management. Our consistent performance track record, provide a sustainable comprehensive advantage for Dölberg Consult in the market place.

We invite you to allow us to guide you and your future generations on an epic journey of continued financial well-being.